Monday, 10 May 2010

Nothing so precious as........

I am so lucky, I have met, and am meeting some pretty inspirational and special people just lately. I get so much joy from getting to know people, their stories and their friendship. Simple things please simple minds i suppose!!!
Honestly, there is no treasure, no luxury, no art, jewellery, product or gift that can come even a close second to the pleasure I get from simply sharing time with people, and I know some pretty wonderful ones!

There are the enduring friends I have, (let me take you back to my last post) they are special, each and every one. There are the friends I can be M.E./CFS comfy with and the ones I still try to hide some of it from.

There are the new friends I have, from the local support group. There is a large community of 'cyber' friends out there, who all appear at my 'virtual front door', the laptop screen! There are the friends I have through pony and carriage driving and many more from many different walks of life. All superb and wonderful people who I am privileged to know.

I want to tell you about one I have begun to get to know just recently, a special lady in her own category - Sylvia!

Sylvia is a lovely lady who is intelligent, quick, funny, honest and sincere. She is a traveller, still using a horse drawn gypsy caravan and her horse 'Diamond' to get around Britain. She travels for most of the year, stopping off with friends along the way.

I met her last autumn, and then saw her again a couple of weeks ago-I'm having such a blast getting to know her before she moves on again. We have spent a couple of evenings sitting by the fire, drinking tea and just talking about well, I dunno, but it was heavenly.

She has such a different lifestyle, and I admit it, I'm more than ferociously jealous! I am a simple girl at heart, a forager who loves to live simply. But I have to allow my health to take the lead on my lifestyle rather more than I'm happy with but hey! I am still able to lead a great life, just slower and much more cautiously than before, so you won't hear me complaining! (I'll just do it quietly!!!)

On Saturday Sylvia came out with me and my pony and carriage (see my photo on the post 'Myself to Blame') and fell in love with him, he was very good that day! I had the best time, she is such great fun! We talked and talked about stuff that is close to my heart, and hers - horses! Then, back to our yurt for toast and fresh scrambled eggs, laid by my 'girls', she loved it!

I could go on all day, but, I would never have begun driving horses and ponies if it weren't for ME/CFS, so there's a fair chance I would never have met Sylvia, or many of the intensely wonderful people I know now. So for this alone I need to give a huge hug to my 'elephant' when I can get my arms round him (he is a bit big at the moment, and my arms ache!).

I hope that all of us have as pleasant and relaxed a time as possible in this Awareness Week. I'm not sure todays post will do much for awareness, but I hope, if you're new here, you check out some of the previous ones!

Before I go, a warm welcome Jessica, thanks for following over from Facebook! Great to see you!

Take care all,


  1. Great post. I could actually visualize hanging out with Sylvia.

    That is one of my favorite things to do - meet new people.

    When I was stationed in the UK in the 80's, I met so many incredible people!

    I think it is relationships that add much beauty to our lives. Without them, live would be quite empty!

    Great post and thanks for sharing Sylvia with us.

  2. Dominique,
    Firstly, (drumroll and trumpets!) you are our tenth follower! you've taken myself and the elephants into double figures!!!

    You are so right when you say relationships add beauty to our lives. But isn't it funny how we can have that beauty in 'cyberspace', as well as face to face friends?

    The friendship and support I have recieved from yourself, and the other guys here has been truly uplifting and pretty 'blooming' beautiful! Thankyou!

    Sylvia is a breath of fresh air, I should be seeing her tomorrow for tha last time before she moves on, but her winter home is a driveable distance so I'm hoping to keep in touch.

    Glad you like Sylvia, if she weren't lovely enough already - she understands my ME/CFS too!

    Thankyou Dominique, you are a fellow 'people-person'. I hope you have as great a day as possible.

    lotsa love,

  3. I saw Sylvia again last night, it got rather late though and so I'm a bit like Winnie the Pooh this morning - a 'Blogger with very little brain'!

    I think if I tried to tell you how wonderful last night was, I'd make a hash of it and frazzle myself. So, instead.....

    You are just going to have to wait.... it's a pity cos it feels pretty special.

    Patience in the face of Elephants!
    See you soon!

  4. I love your blogs Zarla, beacuse they are not only well written they take me to another place, lovem lovem lovem...oh have i told you i lovem? :) xxx

  5. Ha Ha!
    I got the message Stacy!
    I love not only writing em, but living em is certainly the best part!

    Thanks for your nice words, my English teacher would be sooo proud!


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