'Healthy' Issues

My Goodness, where to begin? 
I am married to Mike, a man who's heart is in the right place, but if he weren't so untidy- other things would be too!  He is calm, accepting and a good Dad to our 15 year old son Ben. 
Ben is into riding and caring for horses, and hopes to make a career of this.  He is very good!  He also plays piano and makes me beam with pride when I hear him practising in the dining room. 
Our home is small and cosy (dust is very soft if you let it reach the right thickness)!  It is untidy and a little cluttered, but you show me a home that isn't a bit like that right!?? 
We have chickens and Mike is soon to become the proud 'Father' to some pigs, who will soon move into our orchard.  Our pony is nearby, he pulls our carriage and we all climb on to go to the pub when I am up to driving him that far!  We had a bad accident with the carriage last year so we are all getting our confidence back!
In the garden is a mongolian yurt, a present from Mike for my 40th birthday!  I love it, it has a traditionally painted interior, and is permanently furnished for living in.  I long to be able to spend more time in there, but health keeps me in the house so much, here's hoping for better circumstances soon!
I work, in a great job, but have just had to cut my working week to be able to continue living the bonkers and full life i do!  I really pack as much in as I can, even with my 'Elephant' to carry!
Talking of ME/CFS, I was diagnosed in 2000, and had a bad time initially, mostly housebound and struggling to understand what was happening to me.  I had balance and coordination difficulties, crushing tiredness, aching, sore throat, temperatures, sore eyes, and many neurological issues.  After being told it was all in my head, and sent to a psychiatrist I was under the impression that the doctors really didn't know very much.  I am still under this impression, but a new GP at my local practice does now believe me, and is understanding - God bless Dr. B!
I have spent most of the last 9and a bit years trying to hide my illness, and deny it's existence, even to myself.  I wanted to save other people the problem of having to deal with it, and also myself!  I have had a revelation however!
Very recently I made contact with a local M.E. support group who have many local members.  I have made some really good and supportive friends, and am now able to talk frankly about my condition, and to hear other's experiences -TRULY LIBERATING!
I feel like a whole person again, and really didn't know how unhappy I was until I met my new 'posse' (you know who you are!)  We don't have to make excuses for missed appointments, or being too tired to attend something we'd promised to do.  We can laugh at each others 'brain fogginess' or little foibles as no others could.  The laughter that comes from understanding and experiencing the same things!
So, here is the NEW Zarla - her sense of humour and self confidence on the mend - now lets just hope the rest of me follows suit!!!