Saturday, 29 May 2010

And, the credit goes to........

Just a post to keep in touch with you all, I am afraid that neurologically speaking I'm mush just now, so there will be no profound insights or adventurous 'people-meeting' from me for a little while.

I am so pleased to say 'Hi' to Kerry again, she has been quite unwell but is back in 'cyber-space' and blogging over at Lemonaide-online (link is on my blogroll). Her posts are always thoughtful and poignant...... if it's thoughtful and poignant you need, Kerry's your woman!

She has written her latest post, which I'm afraid to say I can't read at the moment, and I so want to, as the comments about it speak very highly! I'll have to work on it. But, I did look at the pictures, nice!

I feel like I shouldn't be posting this, that I should be trying harder to get some sensible stuff out of my 'noggin', but I think it's too much energy, for too little return today!!! I just got a post out of Kerry's, thanks chuck! (Call it advertising!!!)

It's raining outside, my son is doing my housework, so i'm just going to sit here and take a rest, then perhaps some rag-rugging may be on the cards...... very mindless - good!


  1. Mush is fine,think of the slush drink, thats mush and its cold and yummy in the summer,think of mushy peas, cant beat mushy peas with chips, when we fall in love we get all mushy,and if we banned mush we wouldn't have snow, so go ahead and be mush today and be proud, we could even start a mush club, and i'd be the fisrt to say i enjoyed your mush blog this week, take care, gentle hug :) xxx

  2. Ta Stacy,
    You always make me smile....!
    Mushy peas are my (not so) secret passion, with some home-made mint sauce drizzled over them!
    Oooh, suddenly hungry!

    The 'Mush Club' sounds like fun...! I'm game!

    Take care,

  3. Okay. This post was indeed valuable because I have no idea what rag-rugging is. Can't wait to find out. I hope it doesn't involve housework of any kind :-)

  4. Toni, next post, I promise I will touch on how to make a rag rug!

    I'm making one for my friend, Sylvia at the moment, as she's lending her dray.

    Glad it was 'valuable' in some way!



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