Saturday, 15 May 2010

More Precious Moments.....!

Well, I've promised an update to my last post all week. It's taken this long to sort my head and it's antics out - I'm having a few more neurological symptoms than I'm used to. Lots of fun with hearing issues, shock-like reactions to touch and especially unexpected sounds etc know the drill. Enough of that, it's just not too exciting to write about, I need to work out what's going on before I can share much.

Anyhooo, we spent a wonderful evening with Sylvia on Wednesday-sitting by her fire, eating chocolate biscuits and drinking tea. I gave her a book, and she gave me a couple of things in return...which are the best gifts I could imagine.

Firstly, she has offered us her 'dray' to borrow every summer. This is a large-ish, flat, wooden, 4-wheeled farm cart for Merlin to pull. We can put a top on it, and use it to go for weekends and holidays away, all summer. She will have it back in the winter, when she's at home, cos she uses it then.

I am thrilled! It is something I've ALWAYS wanted to do, travel with horsedrawn vehicle, and now here's my chance. It is a pretty M.E. friendly thing to do too, if I have a companion with me I can lie down, resting or sleeping any time I need to, leaving the driving to someone else, perfect!

I aim to get a peek at it, then get it delivered to where Merlin lives. We'll try him with it, (he may take a few trys to get used to it) then we'll get it home to put a top on and make it habitable. Thank heavens for very handy DIY 'savvy' fathers-in-law I say! If all goes to plan it may be on the road in about 6weeks! I'll keep ya posted!!!

The second gift she gave me, is the feeling that I am moving on, growing and experiencing much more than I thought possible. Her attitude to life is so 'get up and go' and cheerful that it is infectious. I can't help but smile and feel positively energised when I am, or have been around her.

I have begun to think much more like a healthy person, with limitations, again...rather than a permanently sick one, struggling to get through each day (which is mentally where I've been for many more years than I care to think about).

I, and my health have not changed one iota, but if I can maintain the more positive way of thinking it has surely got to make my journey with ME/CFS and the inevitable elephants more bearable. These last couple of weeks have been quite good, despite my worsened symptoms and a few emotional wobbles...I'd have let it all bother me much more before.

This renewed feeling of optimism, and of course, the Dray, are the best gifts I could wish for at this time in my life... (Well, a new bathroom and a semi-naked household slave wouldn't go amiss either, but Sylvia wasn't forthcoming on either of those!!!)


  1. This is so exciting Zarla. A dray! You know, you've beautifully expressed one of the main themes of my book -- that although our bodies may have limitations, our minds and our outlook can still bring joy into our lives. I love that you're able to get out more. Merlin will be busy this summer!

    Big hugs...

  2. Hi Toni,
    I read your comment on one of my 'magnetic bed' days.... you know the ones.
    The bed just keeps pulling you back into it!

    I do get out and about as much as I can though, as I'm a real 'outdoorsie' type.

    Hoping you are as well as can be, and taking care.


  3. oh wow just what you wanted, that's brilliant, how exciting, i loved your terminology that you were starting to see youself as a healthy person with limitations rather than a permanently sick one, luv it, i'll remember that, it's so true, i guess we're very similiar on that front, gr8 blog, looking forward to the next :) xxx

  4. Stacey,
    Thankyou, you are always so complimentary!

    I do enjoy myself, I have a blast, even with those pesky Elephant limitations! It takes more planning and resilience, but hey, I've made it so far.....!

    I'm looking forward to the next blog too! I don't think I can keep up the excitement though, it's getting too much for a limited girl to handle!

    Might have to be a post about something mundane, pillow plumping perhaps?

    Take care Stacey,

  5. What a lovely post Zarla! I'm so happy for you, both that Sylvia and you have such a friendship and for the adventures you are living (and that they are ME/CFS friendly!) :)

    A "dray"--how much I learn from you. The excitement I feel in reading about your anticipation of the adventure to come, sounds like what I feel when we take our trailer beautiful, far-away places. Our travel trailer is ME/CFS friendly too and whenever we adventure out in it, no matter how sick I is always wonderful...even if I am in the trailer most the time looking at the views out the windows.

    I can picture you resting happily in the dray as you journey over the country side.

    I am sorry for new symptoms-ugho! Still, your attitude is wonderful and contagious Zar! I sure have missed you. Love, Kerry

  6. Kerry,
    The elephants, but mostly 'I' have missed you too! So happy that you are feeling up to visiting us.

    Yep, I'm excited, but there are obstacles to be got over yet. I am striving to follow this dream, with all my energy and attention-I'll get there-thankfully determination is strong, even if we are not so.

    I hope you feel better soon Kerry, so that you and your trailer can go adventuring again, there are many wonderful places to be seen yet.

    Take care,


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