Friday, 21 May 2010

PJ's and a Hammock!

I joked in a comment about my last post, that I couldn't keep up this excitement, well I was right! Instead of wonderful planned adventures in horsedrawn vehicles, I'm reduced to making it outside to the hammock, still in my PJ's! Not quite what I had in mind, but's far enough today!

This week, I have had to up my working hours, and that combined with the worst sound/light sensitivity for as long as I can remember (and, let's face it, that's not very long!) has reduced me to rubble.

It's a bit of a blow really, I am a stubborn old bird who REALLY doesn't like to be reminded in such a rude fashion that I'm disabled and debilitated sometimes. Always happens, things hit me, my elephant has a bit of a party, and I get grumpy at having to accept all over again, that I'm a ME/CFS groupie!

I said in my last post that I was starting to feel more like a healthy person with limitations, well that's all well and good, but when those limitations make you feel the way I do at the moment, you can't fail to feel un-healthy! I know it's going to subside, and I'll get some of my life back for a bit, and I'm not in the least down in the dumps about it, I'm OK, just smarting that today it's 1-nil to the elephants!

Laying in the hammock, sunglasses on and blanket over me-I'm lucky to be able to do this, so I'm going to make the most of the fresh air and gentle breeze. There's a little family of birds in a nearby tree, and they've got used to me being there, so I watch them coming and going and learning to fly.

It's so nice out here, my hammock is next to my hens making little 'swooshy' noises as they scratch about in the straw. The dog even came to join me, laying herself down in the long grass under the trees, insects bugging her every now and then. It's sunny and warm, there's only one thing for it............. sleep!

I'm aware that this post isn't dynamic and get-up-and-go. Heck it'd just get boring if it were the same all the time, much like life!


  1. Lovely word pictures you've painted, Zarla. The warm and sunny day with a gentle breeze, resting in your hammock attended by birds in the trees, chickens a faithful doggie sounds just lovely.

    I'm looking forward to reading about Future Adventures. When you have CFS a spring day resting outside counts as an adventure!

    Acceptance of our circumstances is one more way to thump the elephant on his head!

  2. Hey Kate,
    Great to hear from you, hope you are doing ok.

    I'd like to thump my elephant on his head just now.....!

    It was lovely outside today, and after my recent sleepless nights, the nap was most welcome. Betsy, the dog (three legged terrier, bless her!) follows me everywhere.

    Here's to many ME/CFS friendly adventures, whether they be to the hammock, or horsedrawn getaways!

    Take care,

  3. I don't care that your post wasn't dramatic. It was just nice hanging out with you for a bit.

  4. ha ha!
    Ta Toni, you too!


  5. Hammock in pj's, watching the chickens, sounds good Zarla, but the having to cope with the neurological sensitivities that ME causes is really tough.

    The light and sound sensitivity are really tough, especially in a work environment that most likely has bright lights and noise. It hurts. high pitched sound, too much sound, too much visual stimulation and lights, truly, physically hurts. ( for those who don't have ME, Its like fingernails on a chalkboard).

    Good to visit your space here Zarla and nice to picture you hanging out in your hammock, though I wish you were there under different circumstances. Nicer to be in a hammock cause you choose to rather than you need to be.

    Here's to peace and quiet letting your neurological system recoup.
    I've missed ya, Kerry

  6. Hey Kerry,
    So good that you were able to come by, It's great that you came!

    Yep, these 'Neuro-nasties' are making life a bit harder of late, but as we know, nothing is 'forever' with this illness, things will change eventually, hopefully for the better!

    It's a big ask though, to expect those without ME/CFS, to understand that just a little extra noise/lights can bring on not only my headpain, but my body pain and energy draining feelings too. That ALL symptoms go into overdrive!

    Doesn't make any sense to me!!!

    The bird family have flown, and it's chilly here today so it may have to be PJ's and a Yurt if legs/heartrate allow, or even PJ's and, Erm, My Bed!!

    Take care of your bit of 'space' Kerry, under your guidance, planets will re-align!



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