Sunday, 2 May 2010

Eating for 2!

It's been a funny kind of a day! I've not been having a good one, and, if i'm honest my body has been grumbling for a good while, but I've been ignoring it's 'SOS' signals!

I have carried on pushing myself further than I should, but in my defence, Hey, I have no defence...! I just tried to be a Mum, wife, cleaner, daughter, friend, worker, and all those other roles we take on! I just tried a little too hard that's all.

It's not serious, I'll be OK, just feels pretty rubbish whilst I'm in the middle of it all. My mood drops to basement level, and I get really short tempered! Not to mention all the physical symptoms that roll in or worsen (no, really, best not mentioned!)

But, if I could just ask, one of my less severe symptoms in a moderate 'crash' like this is excessive hunger. Is it just me or does anyone else have to eat every two/three hours? Terrible what our 'elephant' makes us do....! Hey, I'm eating for two!

If/when I'm able to, I cover my back by using humour to lift my own spirits, it works eventually, and I can start to see the black cloud dissipating. It just might take a couple more days this time................!

If you feel you can share, how do you guys keep your outlook fairly rosy? Any suggestions will be gratefully recieved. Let's face it, things can be pretty bleak sometimes, but life goes on.........

All the very best to you reader, thankyou for sticking with me in this fairly low mood I find myself in, here's to it 'clearing off' as soon as possible, and hoping we all stay as cheery and well as we can.

take care!


  1. Hi Zarla, so sorry you are in a crash. It really does sneek up on us sometimes, huh? Hopefully you will be able to rest and pamper yourself until it passes and you are in better control of your symtoms.

    As for the appetite.....YES, I have always been able to tell things were heading south when I could not get enough to eat. I have been this way since I was a baby. My mother says that was the cue to her that I was going to be really sick and apparently it is never going to change.

    I can even be nauseated and have the desire to cram something down my throat. It is like that part of my brain does not work properly. So now we know when I am constantly starving to look out. I wonder if there are others that have this like us?

    Sending well wishes your way!


  2. Susie,
    Hi there, good to see you!
    Thank you for the kind wishes-they are very much appreciated.

    It's a real boost to know I'm not on my own with the eating thing... I always just thought I was comfort eating or something like that.

    Now I can indulge, knowing it's a symptom!!!

    Take care Susie, great to see you.

  3. hey zarla, although it made me smile the way you put about your eating for two, it also helped as i to get this sypmtom. it also helped me to read susie comment as i to could keep bugging in the food even though i feel nausea. i have always panicked at this as having anerexia when i was a child, i worry incase its another eating disorder coming back. but now i know i am not alone it has given me great comfort.
    so thank you very much to you both.
    takecare love joxx

  4. Jo,
    Thankyou for sharing, I think we all have so many anxieties about ourselves -I know I do!

    I am really pleased that you gained something from reading the post and Susie's excellent comment.

    I really believe that we need to share more - it not only helps the reader, but the 'share-ee'!

  5. oops!

    meant to finish by saying,
    Take care Jo,



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