Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Creativity Rocks!

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration....! Where does it come from? Asda, Walmart, Tesco? Nothing that simple I'm afraid, has to come from the brain, the very thing that doesn't work so well these days!

Mine is fried by any new thought, anything I've got to turn my attention to, which I was unprepared for.

I often seem to be frying brains, the menu needs to change around here - ! My personal thoughts and creativity leave me when the brain is frying, and that's so hard. My need to switch off the head and relax/be creative, is so much greater, but because it takes longer to get through a simple chain of thought, the time left over for relaxing the 'melon' gets less and less.

I do find myself getting stressed out if I've not had the chance to think things out properly, then I forget details and it all gets messy in my head. I try to avoid that, my house is messy enough, but I like a nice tidy head! (Perhaps I need a cleaner!?? or, a head-hoover!!!)

Because of this I admire creativity in others so much more. Especially in my fellow 'Elephant Carriers', as we have to be really dedicated to create at all. I especially enjoy words, the meaningful ones that 'speak' to me when I need them to. My great friend at 'Lemon-aid'- Kerry, is great at finding quotes and poems which are meaningful. Thanks Kerry! (run over to check her blog....She's a fine woman, and an honest and thoughtful blogger! The link is on my page!)

I have also become fb friends with a very talented gal, Stacy. She writes and records songs whilst sitting under elephants herself. I listen to her songs so much when I need the meaningful lyrics to speak to me. Especially the ones she writes about her experiences of M.E. She's kindly allowed me free hand to put some of her lyrics here, Stacy, thankyou, I have indeed- 'filled my boots'!
I know the process isn't easy, but her determination, honesty and attitude is inspiring- you blushing yet Stacy !???

I'll shut up- here's a taster of Stacy's lyrics, my favourite song- 'Weary Bones'

'Lift up these weary bones and wrap them safely in your arms,
Let me take some shelter till my stormy world is calm.
Let me catch my breath, regain my strength,
Put me on my feet.
But for a day or two I'm asking you,
Oh, will you carry me?
Just for a little while, yeah?
Just for a little while.'

Here's the link to her song, to hear how lovely it is, maybe it will 'speak' to you guys too.


  1. I just never caught the creativity bug. I so admire creative people and wish wish wish I too could find some type of outlet, but over the years I have searched and yet to find anything that interest me.

    I am much more the "thinker" type. Not so good for those of us ill with these diseases that keep us stuck in our homes and isolated. I spend my time listening to audiobooks, surfing the internet and playing a few computer games here and there. Not great hobbies, huh? haha.

    So my hat is off to all of you that have the creative streak. It is all your hard work that gives people like me something beautiful to look at, listen to, feel/touch and eat. (I am sure there are more areas).

    Here's to your creativity!


  2. Hi Susie,
    The creativity bug, is a nice description, as it can sometimes 'infect' your life. I use old fleecy sweaters to recycle into ragrugs as and when I can.

    The main symptom of this 'infection' seems to be heaps, bags, boxes of other people's cast-off sweaters - all over the place!

    So being a thinker, and listening to audio books has a certain attraction for me!!! I'm sure my hubby would like me to do that too!

    take care Susie,
    Great to hear from you,

  3. I would love to see your rugs, Zarla. Maybe one day you can do a post about them?

    As for audiobooks, I wish I were using them to learn something new instead of only reading mysteries and thrillers. haha. I just love a good intrigueing book!

    Have a wonderful pain free day,



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