Sunday, 4 April 2010

Yurts need hoovering too!

Well, I have to say, I've not had too bad a week. A few times when M.E. stopped play for a while, but on the whole, a pretty good week. Which is just as well, as I have so much to do (for a change!).

There are some large-ish DIY jobs going on in the garden, all in readiness for my husband's pigs, hopefully two Kune-Kune piglets, smallish, hairy and not too noisy I'm told (the pigs, not the husband!) At the moment though, the poor porkers have no fencing, and no shed to move into! Ah, well, not exactly true, they have a shed, but it is roof-less!
To save the little piggies from sleeping under the stars, my husband and his father are replacing the roof, along with the fence posts and wire. They work hard together, and with a little direction (and lots of tea) from yours truly, have done a great job so far.

Then there's my yurt, it has needed some cosmetic work on the base/floor for months, but it has never happened. Shame, as I'm entertaining in there this week. I hope my visitors will ignore the plastic sheet around the floor outside, and just take notice of the beautifully clean and neat interior- HA Ha (roll around on the floor laughing, trying to dodge the dust!)
That's my job for tomorrow, may have to recruit help for the heavy stuff- Ben (my son), watch out!!!
Has anyone ever hoovered a yurt? Surprisingly fiddly as there are so many rugs, and my hoover likes to eat them if I'm not careful.
If you fancy a cup of tea in the yurt, pop round, I'll light the fire and put the kettle on. We can sit on piles of cushions eating naughty treats, trying to ignore the plastic sheeting! You are all very very welcome!

Take care, be as well as possible.


  1. Darn, wrote a whole comment, then must have pushed a button and "poof" its I try again.

    Hoovering a that's one for the "bucket list". Love to come over and hang out...the rolling on the floor laughing on the rag rugs you've made and the eating treats (whatcha serving?) sounds like a whole lot of fun.

    Hopes its another week of feeling pretty darn good!

  2. Kerry,
    Ooh, don't like the sound of "poof"!

    I've put photos of the freshly hoovered, cleaned and tidied yurt on fb if you feel like a little cyber-visit! (There's even a pic of a ragrug Kerry!)

    I'll serve fresh made plumloaf, easter biscuits and lots of tea! Well, this is the UK, what else would we be drinking?!!

    If it's chilly, I'll light the woodburner for you all. See you soon!


  3. Zarla, Its been a week since I've been here and I'm hoping I'm not to late to hop on over. The treats you're serving have my mouth watering and the interior of your "yurt" looks like it is prepared for royalty! Will check more photos out on FB.

    One of places we've camped for years has yurts that are rented out as a substitute for a tent or camper. Just this past year, they tore them down and replaced them with small wooden cabins. The cabins look cozy, yet I miss those yurts...and wondering what it would be like to stay in one.


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