Thursday, 26 August 2010

Thought Stream

Hey it seems like AGES since I wrote anything, it's not been through choice, but life has been keeping me busy, with not much cognitive 'oomph' to spare! I work just two days a week at the moment, and have been trying to keep up with family life and demands over the school holidays.

There is a pretty stressful work situation that has been brewing nicely for the last few months, and is now really taking it's toll on my head and it's tendency to 'jam'. There have been lots of anxious times, and some stressful encounters to try to get through. I am hoping that it will be nearer to it's conclusion next week. Fingers crossed for me! (Cos, if it goes on much longer I dunno if I will have the 'mojo' to keep up with it!)

My son is now 16! I am so proud of him, and the obstacles he overcomes- life has it's challenges for him too. He gained 7 GCSE's and is now looking forward to starting at college soon. He is heavily into horses and riding so he's off to do a horse care course.

Pigs are my husband's latest obsession, or more accurately two Kune Kune weaners (FYI- this is what they're called before they have their first litter) called Agnes and Winnie.
They are both quite nice girls, very affectionate and love a good belly scratch! They eat ALL my non-meat kitchen and garden scraps and are so clean I can't believe it! I have never come across such inoffensive creatures in my life. Think we humans could take a leaf outta their book!

But, having said that, have you ever tried to give a weaner an injection (shot!)? They're not quite so inoffensive then!

When I say obsession, I mean it! Hubby has turned into a 'pig-bore', he even has a webcam set up in their shed so he can see what they're up to 24/7!!! I think there has to be some kind of law against pig-cam, but he is LOVING it! Just looks like a lot of snoring, snoozing and scratching to me though!!! Perhaps that's what he likes about them!??!!

There is no point to this post, just a waffle- sorry if you were on the edge of your seat waiting for the deep and meaningful! It's just not going to happen today!

Health wise, (and I suppose we always have something to say on the matter hey!?) I am struggling with what I suspect will turn out to be Interstitial Cystitis. If you are with me on this one you'll know just what I'm talking about.....! My GP was going to give me something to help with it, but I am heavily against taking drugs until I have tried all other avenues, so I'll rethink this after giving some other lifestyle and diet changes a try first.

My stamina is low, my heartrate high, my head full of concrete and my body heavy, (Well, I suppose the 'head-concrete doesn't help.....!) I'm feeling just a teensy weensy bit frustrated as I'd really like to be boiling beetroots for pickling and making damson jam. But, instead of this I'm laying as flat as possible, TRYING to rest and type...!

I'm having an "oh woe is me" moment, no apologies! I know it'll pass and lets face it, we all have them!


  1. Hi Zarla,

    I always enjoy your posts, even when you think you have little to say. Congrats to your son on his accomplishments! He sounds like a good kid. An obsession with horses sounds like a healthy outlet, much better than some of the other things teenagers get obsessed with :o)

    And well done you, for raising a fine son.

    Your country life sounds so good to me right now, (love the photos of the pigs!) I have heard that they are clean creatures, but don't have any first hand experience with them, we just have ordinary pets around here. At the moment we're down to one cat and two gerbils...and since our daughter left for England eight months ago, the nest feels quite empty.

    I am also singing the *woe is me* chorus this week. My husband was injured at work, and is home on disability with a radial nerve injury to his right hand(he's right handed, so it's a challenge to do lots of things.) His hand is basically useless right now. We're still waiting for an appointment with the neurologist, but from what I've read about the prognosis it should heal...but will take time.

    He's been chief cook and bottle washer around here for the last three years but now his injury makes it very difficult to do much cleaning or cooking. I used to keep an immaculate house. Not any more! It's been an adjustment, but this seems to be our new least for the moment. The silver lining in the dark cloud is that I really enjoy having him home. We're limping along together. We've both maintained a sense of humor which is vital to living with these limitations.

    It sounds like you are good at seeing the silver linings in the clouds and have valuable insights into the unasked for lessons that living with this illness brings. Thanks for sharing your *woes*...I'm right there with you. I hope it brings some small comfort to know that your fellow strugglers are experiencing similar situations and emotions.

    Big hugs to you across the pond, friend.

  2. It's great to hear from you Zarla. Congratulations on your son turning 16.

    I just wanted you to know that I know a lot about IC. I used to suffer terribly from it. Since getting the viral infection in 2001 (that turned into ME), the IC has been mostly under control though (I don't know why.) When it does flare, I take a supplement called Cysta Q. I don't know if you can get it in the U.K. but since it came out, I don't have to take any prescription meds for the IC.

    When I used to suffer badly from it, I avoided acid foods (tomatoes especially), spicy foods, and alcohol. That's was my list. Other people have to avoid foods that don't seem to affect my IC (like chocolate -- yay!). You can find the Interstitial Cystitis Association on the web. They have lots of info.

    Hope this helps. And, again, great to hear from you!

  3. Yay! Nice to hear from you.

    "My stamina is low, my heartrate high, my head full of concrete and my body heavy"

    I feel just the same this morning, and, like you am frustrated. I like the concrete image. It does feel like one's head is full and heavy and the thought processes slow or non-existent.

    Are you going to be eating these adorable little piggies? I look forward to "sausage cam"!

  4. Kate,
    I'm sorry the 'woe' is with you too and hope your husband makes a speedy recovery.
    As for the house and our standards, I'm not sure they were ever immaculate, but now....! My house shrinks regularly as the 'boys' leave more and more stuff around the edges!

    Thank you for sharing Kate, lets hope for less woe and more 'Go'!
    Z xxx

  5. Hey Toni!
    Thankyou Toni, I'll look into the supplement you mentioned. I'm sure there must be something similar over this side of the pond.
    I'm really pleased that your IC is more under control, it can be a bit of a trial can't it?!?
    I know that stress makes it flare, but I'm not good at knowing what else does.
    I don't care if chocolate makes it worse, I'M NOT STOPPING THAT!!!!!

    Take care author!

  6. Jo,
    No, these little sows will be earning their keep by producing nice little pure bred piglets!

    The camera will come in handy when the piglets are due I suppose!
    But, until then it's just not great viewing!!

    Take care Jo,
    I hope things lift a little for you,


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