Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Just a List!

Skin and muscles sore to the touch,
'Wandering' skin sensations that sweep over my body,
Bladder pain,
Over sensitive hearing,
Symptoms fluctuate and change throughout the day,
Eye pain in bright light/sunlight,
Muscle spasms,
Weak legs,
Sore throat,
Easily startled by sound/touch,
Irregular heartbeat,
Occasional paralysis,
Weak and very painful arms,
Severe memory difficulties,
Bladder frequency,
Insomnia and sleep that doesn't refresh,
Sudden onset muscle weakness,
Chest pain,
Poor coordination/clumsiness,
Slow processing/thinking,
Word finding difficulties,
'Foggy' brain/thinking,
Inability to cope with one more health professional who believes this is all in my head!


  1. Slurred speech, numbness, disorientation, joint pain, nerve pain, temporomandibular (jaw) joint problems, etc etc, the list goes on.

    It's a total bummer.

  2. Yes Jo, bummer indeed! I'm having particular trouble accepting this all just now, hence the frustrated list of symptoms!

    Oh, oops!
    Did I forget the joint pain, nerve pain and slurred speech?

    Did I also mention memory difficulties??? !!!

    I keep many of my symptoms hidden most of the time, when humanly possible. It has been an interesting exercise to actually see em all written down like this..... mmm!

  3. Yep, looks very similiar to my list unfortunately. It is a little alarming to see it all in front of you isn't it?

    I also up until recently was able to keep my symptoms hidden but have recently (this week) found I no longer have the energy to do that either.

    I think for me personally, the most disturbing symptoms have been the slurred speech, mixing up words (and now numbers - and I do finance - not good), and memory issues. I can handle alot, but when my brain started turning on me that was a true eye opener.

    Thank you for sharing your list. :-)

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Yes my brain, and it's tricks are probably my most debilitating symptom too.

    I find it the hardest symptom for others to understand if i attempt to share what is going on. Not surprising really as my explanation more than likely makes no sense-what with my memory problem, cognitive problems and word finding problems!!!

    Sorry world!
    Take care Dawn, we are all in the same boat!


  5. Recently I am finding socialising very difficult as I am struggling to make conversation, even with people close to me. Add to that the fact that my voice disappears after so long and the wherewithal to actually think what to say and assimilate what the other people are saying. As you know my love of people and having a good chat you can appreciate that this is a bit of a problem! xxxx

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that one of your favourite activities is often so hard for you Cherryl. Some people have no idea of the social/emotional impact of this illness.

    Thank goodness for cyber-friends Cherryl,
    I hope for better health for you, and for us all.



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