Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Just a little step towards a dream

Another small milestone has been reached in my attempts to travel with my pony, dray, ME/CFS and my elephants. We now have Sylvia's dray and have tried Merlin in it, just to see if he fitted and would be happy to pull it.

He is used to pulling a fairly lightweight two wheeled carriage with hubby and I on it, but now we are asking for something a little more from his little spotty legs! The dray is built completely out of wood, with large heavy wheels, and huge steel springs-Merlin could quite rightly have said 'NO!', but to his credit, he was happily pulling it with three adults and an excited terrier on board, after just 5 minutes!

Anyone remember Steptoe and Son? (1960's comedy about Rag and Bone men in London) My hubby has downloaded the theme tune, and we intend to play it when we go out (When nobody is about I might add)! Maybe I'll have to invest in flat caps and knotted scarves for us both!!!

We need to sort some little bits out, then we can try longer journeys with him and the dray, just a few miles at first to build his strength, then maybe more-we'll see and take it very much step by step.

I know where we can stow the camping gear, clothes, food, water etc..... but I'm not sure how my elephant will fit in with travelling and camping by horsedrawn vehicle. It could either be ok, or disasterous and I don't think I'll know till I try. I've never been one to shy away from an experience just because I have ME/CFS though.

It's completely unknown territory for me, being sick and doing this crazy thing. I will just have to be sensible, plan for resting and recouperating, and listen when my body crys "ENOUGH!"

But one thing's for sure, I'll keep on blogging about it, if nothing else it's a great way to record things for my own treacle-slushy brain, I'd really hate to forget!!


  1. Beautiful picture. Please thank Merlin for me for being willing to pull the heavy dray!

  2. Toni.
    I think Merlin enjoyed himself or he would have made a fuss! He is a very strong guy really, thank goodness!

    We have to try to find some new bits of harness, as the one we have isn't strong enough, but we'll sort it out eventually.

    My feelings about my health and what we're embarking on- Mmmm..... it might be worth blocking my fears out for now. I'll never know until I try!!!

    I thanked Merl, he got carrots!
    Take it easy Toni,


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