Sunday, 13 June 2010

Gorillas Don't Like Pasta Sauce.

A slow start today, mostly cos my body had a few issues of it's own first thing. There seemed to have been some kind of stampede whilst I slept, and everything in it had run over me, or, my arms to be exact!

My arms are always the first to go... weak and very sore. It's strange but they seem to be most painful in one small spot on the front of each bicep. Hubby (henceforth known as Mr.H as it's easier to type) thinks I'm bonkers when I complain that a cup of tea is too heavy, and feels like I'm lifting a bucket to my lips!

I'm blogging from my bed, my typing arm propped up on Mr.H's toy stuffed gorilla! He's a great shape, hugs your arm and is so comfy! Slightly bizarre, but comfy! I read a post by my friend Kerry, (Lemon-aid online) where she extolls the virtues of her many pillows and cushions, and I NEARLY confessed my love for the hairy, cuddly toy that I use to prop my sore/weak arms up with-but I didn't! (For those who are unsure, I am still talking about the gorilla! Mr.H is kinda cuddly, but there's not so much hair there these days!!!)

After spending a few hours in bed, I'm off to organise dinner. Mr.H is busy somewhere, so I hope my son can whip-up a quick pasta sauce and meatballs-I'm sure he can! I'd volunteer, but I'm sure it's the kind of job I need arms for, and I don't want to get pasta sauce on my gorilla!


  1. I don't have a stuffy but I have a lot of small cuddly blankets that I can bunch up to support my arms, even when I type. As, as for blogging from the bed, that's how I wrote the book -- from the bed! It's amazing what an all purpose surface it is.

    I hope your son makes you a good dinner. I just love meatballs.

  2. Sure is Toni, Until I got sick I just didn't realise how much time it is possible to spend there. Things just have to come to you, like the writing, or eating dinner!

    My bed and I have become very attached to one another!
    Hope you are keeping as well as possible, great to hear from you.



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