Friday, 25 June 2010

"Smile please!"

Oh what a laugh we had yesterday!!! There are some 'shenanigans' going on at work, something planned for a colleague's retirement so I can't say anything incriminating. But it involved many giggles yesterday afternoon.

I was photographer, (I know it sounds intriguing, I'll share when I am able to!) and took an active part in setting things up. Not hugely physically demanding but I knew, as I was laughing along, that of all involved......I'd be the one doing time later!

Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in a fun situation, be enjoying it, but all the time knowing how things will most likely be in a few hours, or the next day. Most of my payback usually starts just hours after something 'too exciting', but it can be anything up to 24-36 hours later, so I don't think I'm quite done yet!

Last night I began with the arms and the throat, not to mention being suddenly so heavy that horizontal was the ONLY option! My skin crawled and my brain malfunctioned!

Predictably, this morning, I am here in bed, legs refusing to play the game as yet, arms sore and shaking, eyes zooming about refusing to stay focused on one thing. I think I probably deserve the raw throat from all the laughing, but I'm not sure the rest is fair...!

There seems to be little chance of showering/dressing just yet but my body might still come back 'online' so fingers crossed!

I'm not sure when, or even IF I will make it out of here today, but what photographs I have to show you when I can.....! I am supposed to be in work today and will, as always, do my best- but if I make it, please girls.........NOT SO MUCH HILARITY!


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Does 'Calendar Girls' mean anything to you Toni?
    A major clue!

  3. Oh, yes. Now I'm really curious to see it...sounds R rated.

  4. Toni, Ha Ha, you might be a little disappointed, it's still cheeky but not so much showing!

    I have taken the photos and left thcalendar design to someone WITH A BRAIN! Just means I'll have to wait for the finished product too!

    Will share the photos though! But patience - rein yourself in there!


  5. aha i'd already sussed it was you getting naked with a horse lol! hang on a minute you're taking the is it of a very fit bloke naked astride a horse...oo er i'm having a hot flush :) patience? thats like sticking a bar of chocolate on the table, leaving the room and telling me not to eat it. gr8 blog as always :) xxx

  6. hee hee Stacy!
    Sorry to keep you in suspense chuck, but nothing till after the 6th July i'm afraid. But I can reveal, no horses were injured in the taking of these photos! But, I can't say the same for half a dozen iced buns!!!



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