Friday, 2 July 2010

Headless again!

Ooh, I got myself in such a tizz yesterday! I was at the office, supposedly creating, saving and printing out a few diary sheets with records of my appointments for the last few weeks, on my computer.

I got in a real pickle as each time I'd saved a diary sheet on the computer, I'd instantly forget that I had, then I'd not remember if I'd printed it yet, and go look in my printer.

Then when I got back to the computer I'd not remember if I'd saved it, so I'd check, then....... did I already print this one? Back to the printer again to check!!!!!

It took me a very long time and lots of my already dwindling energy to complete just four sheets! Not great workload turnout!

I was so hooked up with trying to concentrate on my task, I forgot to think "Hey, this is hard, must be time to go home!"

The after effects are still with me, over the evening and last night my brain has gone to concrete again. Those of you who know me will have noticed I am back to writing just a couple of lines of text before I have to have a space, to help me 'get it'!

I won't even tell you how long I've been working on this post, or how many times I've read and re-read it as I've gone along.

My problems with the written word and the thoughts involved in writing/reading come and go. But don't they affect all parts of life when they're troublesome?

I have many funny stories about how I have made gaffs when working or at home, the written records I have ALMOST turned out etc..... And, if and when I can write em more easily, I may just share!!!

Here's to thinking through sludge, and it's many and varied little 'funnies'! Cos if we didn't laugh, we might just....... erm....... what was I saying?


  1. I love the phrase, "thinking through sludge." Wow, how many times have I had to do that. I feel like I'm doing it right now, trying to proof the Index to the book. Talk about a brain fry. Wow!

    Thanks for writing despite the sludge!

  2. Toni, I can't imagine how hard it must have been to have written your book, which I'm looking forward to reading I might add!

    Lets celebrate sludgy-thinking people everywhere........ we are the best!


  3. I have decided to make myself a tick-sheet for this job, when I get round to it!

    I'll have a table so I can enter the date of the diary sheet, and tick when I've saved, and tick when i've printed it....

    Sounds like a plan but my co-workers might think I've gone a little soft in the head.

    Nope, my head is often more than 'a little soft'!

    Anyone else have rituals, tick-sheets or similar to help with activities like this?

  4. Oh Zarla, I so walk with you in the sludge...and get how much cognitive exertion a post takes, making a copy..etc. Seems often I will comment of a FB post and go "oops", what the heck did I one's going to get it...and that's after I spent loads of time and mental energy on it.

    You must be so tired. I hope you are resting that head of yours, whose contents we love so matter how long they take to make their way about. Love to ya and hugs, Kerry

  5. Kerry,
    Having some problems here that are filling my head, squashing the more fun stuff up into a dusty corner.

    Some problem that seems huge just now, I'll have to try to get it to shrink-!

    But your lovely comments have made me smile, as always you are understanding and way too kind!

    Thankyou for those hugs, sending some right back at you!

    Thankyou Chuck!



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