Sunday, 28 March 2010


What a morning! So bright and sunny here in Leicestershire. It's one of those wonderful days that I get big ideas about what I should do today.
It's one of those days I feel like the old me is just under the surface, and if I only got down to one of those energetic garden jobs I used to enjoy, she'd pop back out and the 'M.E. me' would be gone, at least for a little while.
It's a dangerous feeling that is brought on by the changing of seasons, some time at home, and a few DIY jobs that NEED attention. I'm sure i'm not the only one feeling it?
One horribly difficult word is itching it's way through my head, PACING. Is there anything harder to do? Come on, who has mastered this art? Please own up if you have, leave us a comment and I'll let the rest of the world know..... I JUST CAN'T get my head around it!

Still, the day beckons and I'll be off now, must go do something, but I'll try to follow my own advice. Which, (however I try to phrase it) sounds like a line from a 'Carry on' film!
Do it gently, and not for too long!


  1. hope you mastered the pacing thing, I didn't and not even a long bath can soothe by back now.

  2. Congratulations blogger! This is awesome.

    Pacing--after twenty years I do not have pacing down. I'm better at it, but still not very good at it. I know I never will have it down but do hope the getting better at it continues.

    I wish your old pre-ME self could pop up and out into the garden. Oh that feeling when our old selves are so close to the surface and you think maybe, just maybe she can still come out and do what we want and need her to.

    I was determined to make it into your first three followers and here I'm going to be number five. Bad timing on my being away. But, I'm so happy Carrying Elephants is up and running and Zarla's writing!

  3. Pacing is an abstract process that, for PWME, is just not workable. When health allows we use the time; then our bodies apply the brakes automatically. Everyone just "bites the bullet" and tries to get on with life as best they can. (Love the blog by the way)

  4. Thankyou all!
    I just found your comments, didn't realise I had to moderate them before they'd show, silly me!
    I think you are right, it's not so much the pacing as listening to what your body is saying. I'm notorious for ignoring it's whispers and calls, only stopping to rest when it is YELLING at me!

    I am flattered that you liked my first attempt at blogging. It's fun so I'm planning on doing more! If nothing else it could be a cure for insomnia!!!
    Z xx


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