Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Elephant, free to good home!

I have spent my morning poddling about the house, not really doing much and sitting down LOTS! I kept thinking that after lunch I would go out and check on Merlin our carriage pony.
Mmm, I should have known that that elephant of mine would make his presence felt, and weigh me down -he has! My body feels so heavy and my legs are sore, I really need to be horizontal

My 'pony check', followed by a cuppa with my friend looks much less likely from where i am just now -horizontal on the bed!
Boy it's frustrating when my diary gets rearranged..... by a bloody elephant!

Anyone know of any elephant weight-loss programs? :o)


  1. oh no! a cuppa with friends is what i find the MOST tiring! you know all the talking and listening and laughing, it's tough! i hope you are resting up and looking after yourself.. one day we will learn how to pace properly ;-) xxxx

  2. Kitty,
    It would be great if pacing were as easy to do as, say, eating praline chocolates! Unfortunately it seems to be the most difficult thing ever...
    Man has split the atom & explored space, but has he come up with a way to pace?!?


    Take care Kitty,

  3. Phew hope you've recoverd Zarla, these elephants have got a lot to answer for, still enjoying your blogs as always ;) xxx

  4. Hi Stacy!
    Just realised how long it is since I put finger to laptop-keys so I may have a ickle bit of a go at a new post.
    I am ok thanks, hope you are doing ok too.


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