Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Very Yurty Autumn!

Hello again, long time no blog! I've been having a somewhat cruddy time of it and really couldn't begin to think about blogging. I think it would have turned into a moan-fest so I saved you all!!!

You'll be pleased to know I'm not moaning, just bringing you up to speed with life in my little bit of the world.

I have spent a couple of weeks living in my yurt, well, to be more accurate, sleeping and spending much more time in it. I have this wonderful yurt, but neither my husband or son would come sleep in it with me, so I finally decided to move in, and if they wanted to be with me they would join me eventually! It is a lovely relaxing little space, and so cosy that I haven't yet had to light the fire!

I love waking up in there, listening to the dawn chorus and the sounds of the morning. But let's not forget those often unheard sounds of the night! The foxes screeching and running around outside the yurt, cats fighting, badgers snuffling and our resident owl hooting and landing on the roof every so often. The yurt is next to some high vegetation and often suffers from mouse-invasion in the winter so I think the owl sits on my roof looking down for his dinner!

When I can't sleep I often lie on my bed with the door open, watching the foxes, badgers, bats and the owl. It is truly a calming and comforting experience, and Autumn is my favourite time of year.

I'm always excited by the change in the weather, the pony growing his winter coat, the squirrels raiding my hazelnut trees, and the abundance of free food out there, ours for the taking! (Although maybe not the hazelnuts, squiggies got there first!) It is time to get firewood in, to sweep the leaves from the hen house roof and collect the apples from the orchard. Anyone want a ton or two, I'm inundated with Bramleys!!!!!

I can't get out to do the garden jobs I used to, I have to frustratedly act as 'foreman' now-a role I'm not at all comfy with! I long to be out there mucking out the hen house, digging manure into the veg-plot, tieing back the brambles and much more. I TRY SO HARD to be the outdoorsy girl I was even just this time last year, but not possible at present.

Instead I boom and bust, when I get down to see the pigs in the orchard (maybe once a week) that turns into frantically using the last dribble of energy whilst there, to collect as many windfall apples as possible as I can't stand waste! Then I'm trying to decide whether I'm able to carry them up to the house, or just leave them in a prominent position for hubby to see and do the donkey-work.

This ME/CFS really messes with your day, week, month and in fact your year! Or years!


  1. Our neighbors put a yurt in their yard to live in while they built an expansion on their house. The expansion is done, but they like sleeping the yurt better! I love your description of lying in it with the door open.

    I hope you begin to feel a bit better soon.

    Love to you,

  2. Hey Toni,
    You have VERY sensible neighbours!

    I can't wait for the snow, it's nice to be next to the woodburner, door open, watching the snow come down on my garden. It's the only time my yurt is white now.... it's gone a bit green!

    I am starting to take some control back, and to accept myself and my present situation, but may I say I'm reading a GREAT little book that's helping in spade-loads!

    Love right back at you!

  3. I so envy you your yurt! And I echo your frustration at not being able to do the outdoorsy stuff any more. I miss that, clearing brambles, building a bonfire, or just going for an autumn walk.

    Lovely post Zarla.

  4. I love bonfires too, but I leave all that building stuff to my hubby, he makes a good fire! I like sitting by it, and directing the cooking on it. Nothing like a nice 'bonny' and a glass or two!

    Take care Jo

  5. I also love the description of what you can see/hear in the Yurt - miss being outdoors and feeling that connection to nature. How lovely to have an orchard and that outdoor space to enjoy (living with concrete yard and tiny garden out front on main road is my lot - woods and fields are near, but not near enough for me to get to most of the time!). Bring on the snow! That sounds magic... I just bought Toni's book last night, think i need it right now.

  6. Hi Ashy!,
    Thankyou for your comment, welcome!
    Yes, I know how lucky I am to be here, with these things around me.
    But I feel much more blessed to have a community of supportive friends living in my laptop.

    Take care, and let's not have snow TOO SOON hey!???



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