Thursday, 9 September 2010

Free Food and No Energy!

I love to forage for free, wild food. Just now is the forager's busy season, with Elderberries, Blackberries, Crabapples, Rosehips, Mushrooms, Damsons, Plums, Sloes, Rowanberries and Hawthorn Berries, not to mention the usual staples of this time of year such as Pears, Rhubarb, Apples and all the veg from our plot and that given by friends.

The only problem with all this foraging is that you have to DO SOMETHING with it all once you have it home! Well, I have managed to make some Damson Jam and Apple and Blackberry Cheese over the last couple of weeks, but that's nothing to what I want to be doing.

In my kitchen I have Rhubarb stalks, Plums and Damsons from our garden and a huge basket of Pears which were kindly donated to us. I need to use them.

Yesterday I had a day to myself, nobody else about ALL DAY-a real and rare treat for me! I had made plans to make some pear cakes, fruit vodka, plum jam, and then maybe relax with my rag rugging as I've got to finish a little rug for a friend.

ME STRIKES AGAIN! I got up and stripped my bed, then I began to feel the familiar 'full of rocks' heaviness creeping up on me. Poo, Bum and Pants!!!

The day went like this...-10 minutes upright, resulting in feeling so weak and ill that even I couldn't be stubborn enough to continue. Return to my bed or the sofa, close my eyes and wait it out till I feel a little better. Another 10 minutes up and repeat the same monotonous routine over and over. I was sooooo frustrated not to have achieved a fraction of what I wanted to do. I managed to make pear cakes but it took most of the day, working a little at a time and falling back onto the sofa to rest in between.

Early afternoon I gave up trying and retired to the bed to sleep properly, which did help I am pleased to say. My evening got a little more energetic, and I managed a nice cup of tea with my old friend Sylvia (my traveller friend from earlier blogs).

But I am still frustrated at my lack of ability again, I know I sound like a cracked record, but that's the nature of the illness we face.... it's a monotonous and relentless slog against odds which sometimes seem very stacked against us.

Yes, dear reader, I'm having a tough time again and a grumble does us all good...... I just had mine, feel free to leave me yours!

Fair's fair!


  1. Grumble away. The trouble with fresh food is it goes off while you're finding the energy to deal with it. And it's frustrating not to be able to take part in the seasonal rituals we used to take for granted. I'm right with you - it's pants!

    Like you, I know it's bad if I can't find the juice to do some crochet. Glad you got some sleep and a little rebound. Hope it's better today.

  2. Apple & blackberry cheese? fruit vodka?.....i'm on my way lol! how yummy, you always descibe things so well i can almost taste it.Sorry you're stuck in groundhog mode hun, thats M.E for ya, up hill battle, but battle you do and i have huge admiration for you, you're one of those that are an inspiration not only for other M.E sufferers but the healthy too, that still do alot less with their life than you, brill blog, hugs :) xxx

  3. Jo,
    "Seasonal rituals" says it all. These rituals have been going on for so many hundreds of years and I truly feel tied to the land and history when I'm making good use of the free bounty!

    My juice well and truly ran dry yesterday, but thankyou, I have a little more today!

    Thank you for commenting Jo, I love to read them.


  4. Stacy,
    You are always saying the nicest things, thankyou! You are a bloggers dream!
    I am afraid i'm not inspirational material chuck, I'm just a gal trying to carry on!

    I pick my battles, spend my energy doing housework, or making jams, jellies and rosehip syrup? No contest!!!!!

    Housework? It's what I have a teenager for!!!
    Take care,


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